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Nusrat F. Patel is a positive and professional person who loves to help people look and feel the best way they possibly can. She is a well-presented and self-motivated & confident dietician who is the best in her field.

Education: Nusrat. F. Patel is a dedicated and qualified dietician and nutritionist. She has completed her B.Sc & M.Sc in Nutrition & Dietetics, majored in Sports Nutrition, and P.G Diploma in Nutrition for Exercise & Fitness from Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science in which she secured the First position. She is also a life member of the Indian Dietetic Association-Mumbai Chapter. She is a Certified Bariatric Dietitian, IBS & Gut Microbe workshop, Nutritionist Entrepreneurship Program, and Sports Nutrition for Solo & Team sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Weight- lifting, Gymnastics, and Athletics. Nutrition for Power Endurance Sports like Javelin Throw, Shot-put, Long jump, Triathlon including marathon, Cycling & Swimming by successfully completing the Post-Graduate Training Program conducted by the Metabolic & Obesity Surgery Society of India. She is also on the panel of Nutrigenomics at Saifee Hospital. She helps her clients effectively by offering dietary advice and helping people develop healthier diets and a balanced lifestyle.

Her motto is to help people develop healthier diets and lifestyles. She chose to become a Dietitian because she’s always been interested in Food Biochemistry and Nutrition. After giving her MH-CET and ISSO CET, she chooses Nutrition, instead of the 5-year Medical program. She was chubby & always wanted to prevent gaining weight due to hereditary. Nusrat Patel works in collaboration with Nutrigenomics and major health organizations to disseminate the latest research results on Nutritional topics to healthcare practitioners in the Medical field. Highly qualified and having a keen interest in food biochemistry and nutrition, Nusrat has been a practicing nutritionist and a dietician for the past 15 years.

What she likes the most about her work is the chance to counsel her patients, understand their needs, and help them accomplish their goals so that they become better in every aspect of life! Her career goals are to carry out more study into research about new and various undiscovered parts of Nutrition and Diets. Her dream job would be working with all NGOs and spreading the genuine knowledge of Nutrition instead of Dr. Google doing the needful.  She wants to plan the protocol and methodology and make it easier for my patients to implement.


NutriFit by Nusrat Patel is a Dietitians clinic in the field of Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Muscle gain, Disease Management, and creating awareness for Lifestyle Nutrition-related disorders programs. They get to the root cause of any issue and then approaches weight issue by providing tailor-made diets. Their highly qualified team helps you in taking your medical history and analyzing your body composition and advising you about lifestyle modifications good for you. They increase your body's metabolism, improve energy, skin vitality, & hair growth.

Address: NutriFit by Nusrat Patel -

Iqbal Heights, 1st floor, 3 YMCA road, Opp YMCA ground. Near Maratha Mandir Theatre, Mumbai Central - 400 008

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About Us


Fitness Consultant


A fitness regime that works beyond exercise science and exercise technique, aiming for maximum workout in less time

Weight Loss Clinic

Services that will study the reasons of weight gain and provide full mental and diet-based consultancy to help reduce weight loss.

Pre and post workout


A full body analyze and composition test along with various exercise that will help gaining muscle mass through right diet and exercise.

Cardiovascular Specialist


A preventive therapy that will result in a strong heart and will keep diseases at bay through proper diet and fewer medicines.

Obesity Management


Help obese individual loose weight and their fat percentage with the help of diet and minimal enecine along with a maintenance plan.

Diet Modifications


A full body analyze and composition test along with various exercise that will help gaining muscle mass through right diet and exercise.

Ergogenic Aids for Sports


To enhance performance by providing protein to spare muscle breakdown and fast absorb carbs to provide instant energy post sports activity.

Hormonal Imbalances


Hormonal subs like PCOD, Thyroid are scientifically cured these along with weight-loss and symptoms like puffy stemi, facial hair, irregular periods disappear.

Introducing “Nutrigenomics”


Nutrigenomics is the study of nutrition and diet based on human genetics. The gene-clock, lactose-intolerance and gluten-intolerance  are studied and manged.

Flab-u-less Weight Loss


A 4-week fabulous weight loss and fat loss program with communication diet-charts , exercise as per body type, healthy recipes and complete body composition analysis.

Single-player sports


Sports management and performance enhancement through dietary interventions for sports like Badminton, Tennis, Squash, etc. for all age groups.

Multi-player sports


Sports management and performance enhancement through dietary interventions for sports like Cricket, Football, Basket Ball, etc. for all age groups.

Our Services





              Sports Nutritionist and Dietitian, Nusrat Patel, founder of “NutriFit” gave an enlightening talk to the boys of Class 3 to 6 on Sports Nutrition for kids. For a nourished heart and a healthy soul, having the right meals is very essential. In school, sports nutrition is a must for maintaining sustained energy throughout the activity/sport and preventing diseases and deficiencies. She emphasized the different organs of the body and how exercise can help improve endurance and performance. Also mentioned to the children the foods that help strengthen these organs n improve their functionality!

For every Campionite, Sports is very close to their hearts and eating the right food before and after a Sport is Vital to their Fitness levels. To enable them to become aware of Healthy Food choices, she highlighted the importance of a Diet comprising Protein, Good Fats, Simple & Complex Carbohydrates, Fibre, Minerals & Water. The talk was Fun, Interactive and had some fun game puzzles on all Healthy Fruits! 🍌


Nusrat F. Patel has given numerous talks across India. Some of her recent ones are - 

Talk on Neurological Disorders 
Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s @mann_org, which will help reduce the frequency of seizures and fits. Approx 75-100% success rate in many cases if followed properly.

Talk on All India Radio's FM Rainbow 107.1 MHz


with 'RJ Girija' on Nutrition, Pcod, thyroid, Diabetes, Fats, Heart & Cancer related issues. Social service talks to patients about what causes Cancer n how through Food, Nutrition n correct Diet cancer can b cured faster!

KC COLLEGE Talk on Women's Day :

@bttcofficial (Affiliated with KC and HR College). Presentation with slides On Synthesis of Fat Cell, Obesity Issues, Hormonal Imbalances and Anti-Aging effect..Our Common Goal should always be :
More Muscle, Less Fat!




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Lost 10 Kgs in 2.5 month
Preeti D'Costa
Lost 13.5 Kgs in 3 months
Sakshi Munjal
Lost 14 Kgs in 3 Months
Jaya Ghai
Yakuta Nakhoda
Lost 15 Kgs in 4 Months
Zahra Sayed
Lost 20 Kgs in 3 Months
Adil Shaikh


"Nusrat has a dynamic personality. Her attitude towards health has brought positive changes in me. Not just I lost 10 kgs but I was also able to be productive at work and at home."

Sadaf and Sajid Parekh,


"As a celebrity, my inner health used to reflect on my body. Nusrat helped me heal from within and modified my diet plans and made me more active at work and boosted my performance."

Tanaaz Irani,

Bollywood actress

"Gearing up with studies, I completely lost track of my health and diet. At Nutrifit, I was able to get back on track and she helped me overcome my eating disorders and her diet plans really worked."

Vishwajit S,


"The program is very well structured and thoughtfully designed. I must say you and your team members are very prompt and supportive without which the journey would not have been so successful."

Farhan Patel,


"Nutrifit's diet plans have helped me boost my energy, build muscle, lose fat and improve my performance. I advise anybody looking to do sports to get expert nutritional advice from Nusrat"

Rashid Parekh


"Thank you Nusrat for helping me loose weight with minimum efforts and without hitting the gym. Flab-u-less weight loss program is really Fabulous.

Wish you great success."

Farheen Chakravarthy

HR Manager

"I was struggling with weight and health issues when I first saw her and the diets she prescribes coupled with some sound advice have really worked wonders for me. She is less a dietician and more a life-coach for me now. Thanks Nusrat."

Kanchan Gawankar,

House wife

"She was very courteous, took detailed notes of requirements and gave a diet that actually worked. Every 10-15 days, there was a consultation where she gave a new diet based on your progress. She is an amazing dietician. " 

Vidhi Shah,

Home Maker

Success Stories


Our Address

Iqbal Heights, 1st Floor,

3 YMCA Road, Opp YMCA Ground,

Mumbai - 400 008


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  11:00AM – 08:00PM

Saturday    01:00PM – 08:00PM


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